Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i-mate k-jam reset and reinstall

Today I decided to reset completely my K-Jam, and reinstall everything.

First of all: how to reset to the "factory" settings? Well, this is the procedure: while holding the Comm manager button and the Voice Command button, push in on the soft reset button (reset hole) once. Keep holding the Comm Manager and Voice Command buttons until there is a screen asking you if you want to clear all data. To commit, press the green send key.

So now I have in my hands an "empty" k-jam... really fast, I have to say, but almost useless: no mail, no apps, nothing installed.

Ok. After the first minimal setup I went on connecting the device to my pc (running Vista). The Mobile device center shows up, and from there I configure syncing of email, contacts, agenda.

First stop: my OWA connection requires a certificate, so before I can sync I have to install the certificate on the mobile device. Ok, I go thru file system and copy the certificate somewhere, then open it on the k-jam (to install it) and ok, now I can sync mail and everything...

Now I'd like to low-level format my storage card (2Gb) because in it I have some folders and file swith funky names that WM isn't able to delete. And before I reistall al my stuff I want to clean up everything. I decided to install and use StorageTools for WM5, 100kb, from here:

From now on I simply reinstall my list of "preferred" software. Time needed for all this, around 2 hours.

springtime in progress

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Service Control (sc.exe)

Today I had to remove a Windows service I'm writing from my Vista pc. I hoped that uninstalling it would be enough, bit no, the service was still there showing up in services.msc console.

So googling around I found that this can be easily done using a little known (or so I think) utility named sc.exe (sc is for Service Control, resides on System32 folder).

It has many flags and functions, but to go straight to my needs, to remove a service simply type at a command prompt (run it with "elevation", i.e. "as Administrator"):

sc.exe delete NameOfTheService

That's all. But try to run sc.exe with no parameters to have an idea of the many functionalities of the utility.


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