Sunday, September 27, 2009

Windows Mobile Device Cannot Connect (or Quickly Disconnect or Drop) and Not Sync with Vista WMDC (ActiveSync)

Sometimes my Wondows Mobile phone stops syncing with the laptop, and I always go nut trying to discover the reason of this behavior.

Today while searching on Bing I found a page that shows  the solution in a very clear way, and here is the link to that:

Windows Mobile device cannot connect or quickly disconnect

Happy syncing!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

.net, accessing web services test form

I know, this is a trivial thing for you all… but I still have problems in remembering, so I’ll note here this little snippet.

To enable the web service test form (that you can access only if call the web service in localhost) you will have to add to your web config these lines:

<add name="HttpGet"/>
<add name="HttpPost"/>

Windows 7 new shortcuts, very useful

New and absolutely useful shortcuts on Win7, thanks Claudio for showing me.

- WinKey + direction keys: moves around the top window (the one that has focus). If you press WinKey + up arrow, the window will bw maximized. Guess what the WinKey + down arrow dows?

- WinKey + shift + left or right keys: moves the current window on the corresponding screen if using more than one (why, are you still developing on a single monitor setup?)

- In Explorer windows, try Shift + Ctrl + n. Ok, I waited for this almost ten years…



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Project Euler and Algorithmatic

I registered on Project Euler and, and found this synergy: I uploaded my solution to first problem on here: