Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Windows Mobile Notification Queue problems…

Just a quick note to record this link:


ScaryBear software offers (for free!!!) a couple of utilities to get rid of the recurring and annoying problems with notifications queue.

A couple of days ago I was working with my WM5-powered device, and an alarm came up. Clicking here and there and I manage to have a sort of "eternal alarm and I had no chance to remove it. Grumpf.

So I turned off the noisy phone and went googling around, and scary bear solution worked.

Be careful: they do not guarantee that their software will work on anything newer than Pocket Pc 2003; on the other hand on my windows mobile 5 phone it worked.

I Smell Alarm

Friday, July 04, 2008

last things i’m trying

Let’s see, what are my main addictions lately? I have to make choices here, as I’m one of those guys that sign on almost everything… :-) I’ll choose only a couple of tools, and talk about the last one registered.

First of all Twitter – yes, ok, I know everybody is upset with all the dontime and everything, but I really like it and find it useful.

Then: I’m using Evernote, and I think that it is a really great app. It has clients on web (ok, obvious), Windows desktop, and Windows Mobile. And this mix of supported platforms is perfect for me :-)

Latest thing: today I read a tweet about this Scoutle thing, and I decided to give it a try: as you can see here on the right column, i have my scoutle Badge… let’s see if it works!!!

and now… back to my last working day, tomorrow sardegna for two weeks!!! I’ll stay here, and be back @ work on july 23. Bye!!!


p.s.: the photo here is taken on the beach of the camping I’ll stay in from tomorrow :-)