Thursday, August 20, 2009

NoniGPSPlot – a great (freeware) GPS tracking tool

I don’t know why I missed this one until now – but NoniGPSPlot is a very good GPS tool, one that I will absolutely want on every windows mobile device I’ll have in my hands.

It’s a sort of GPS swiss knife, the number of possibile uses is endless. It will track your path on the display, showing… well, everything about your movements: speed, altitude, length, direction, start and end time… yesterday I discovered that in my way home I had to stop (traffic lights and so on) for 8 minutes on 35 total. And that my work place is higher than my house, and a lot of other things.

I don’t know if my enthusiasm is a geek one :-) but this tool is great. For sure I’ll donate some money to the developer for this.

Please read all about the features here and see some screenshots here!

NoniGPSPlot, windows mobile, freeware.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Google Wave – I’m in the dev sandbox

Yes, I’m in: still have to understand well how to move around… anyway if you’re in and want to “wave” at me I have two accounts: and

See you there, Ciao!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some good Windows Mobile free software

Recently I downloaded and installed some very good software on m win mobile phone. Just want to make a short list and give you some links, maybe you’re interested.

Iris browser: go here and download this web browser, Iris - – I’m using it and I’m very happy with it. Also Skyfire is very good, but on my device Iris is faster. I really like the three switchable views “desktop / column / mobile”. In Mobile mode gmail is rendered like you are on iPhone. This simply means that some fancy javascript features just work :-)

Pocket Sudoku: this sudoku player / generator / solver is great.

YomoMedia RSS reader: Yomomedia is a combination between a desktop, web based rss aggregator and a windows mobile client. Both apps can modify settings, add channels, and so on, and the other client will adapt. This hybrid solution (even if I do not like so much the fact that someone has my rss choices on his server) gives a better and faster experience. Free. Very good.

amAze gps: more than 2 years ago a free gps navigation software caught my attention; then, given the fact that they had no windows mobile versions of their software I almost forgot of it, but some days ago I went back to and discovered that now the WinMo version is available… and it works perfectly, at least on my Asus P552w. A free GPS navigation software, works both with internal and external GPS.

Windows 7 and Cisco

Yesterday i installed Windows 7 on my work laptop, and one of the first software I tried to run is the Cisco VPN Client.

The release of the Cisco client I used before ( wasn’t working anymore. It did not even start correctly. I searched on the web and found that you can make it work applying some workarounds (see here for example); anyway I had the chance to install a newer version,, and with this I can connect correctly to my work network.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Telnet on Windows 7

I noticed that telnet is not enabled by default in my Win7 laptop. Do not know if this is something that happens by default on alla the Win7 setups, anyway you can re-enable it doing so:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to Programs
  • Click on “Turn Windows features on or off”
  • Scroll down, you’ll find the “Telnet Client” unchecked. Check it, confirm, you’re done.

Windows 7

As Microsoft released the RTM for Windows 7, on MSDN ( I decided to go along the upgrade path for my Windows Vista Ultimate laptop.

First of all, I had to download the dvd iso to my pc. And even if it’s middle august I thought that I had to show some patience… but to my surprise (and I think thank to Akamai) I could download and burn the 2.4GB image in less than 2 hours. Better than torrents :-)

Now, let’s start the in-place upgrade. It’s 8:45 in the morning. Setup starts.

First, some compatibility checks, and I have to uninstall Avira, Setup states that’s not compatible… ok, I’ll find a solution after. Uninstall Avira, reboot, restart setup.

From now on, I have nothing to do on the setup: it will restart the computer three or four times, but it will need no user input.I have the first automated  reboot after about one hour. Then I forget the pc, until the last reboot at… 16:30!!!

Incredible: 2 hours to download, almost eighth to install!!!

Now I have Win7 running, it kept all of my previous desktop setup, comprising Fences that  use to unclutter my desktop icons, and all the startup utilities like Clipx or others.

I still need time to get used to the new interface – mainly on the taskbar settings. I’ll tell you more in a few days, probably.

In the end I have to say that everything went fine, it only took more time than I expected.