Sunday, July 22, 2012

raspberry pi experiences, and some related windows phone apps

So, after some weeks, I received my Raspberry PI card. If you don’t know anything about it please check and

I started a hunt to find the “right” setup for my needs: link the thing to my LCD tv, and use the PI both as a media center and a linux box to surf internet, read mail, download torrents, and to give my sons an idea of a “different” approach to computers :-).

I tried some distribution, Debian, Raspbian, RaspBMC, OpenELEC… and every single setup had its pros and cons. Actually I decided to stick with Debian “Wheezy” and OpenELEC 4 Debian on it (; when I launch OpenELEC I can also use my Windows Phone to control remotely the media center, and it’s quite fun (also the geekness factor in doing that is very high). The WP app I use is “XBMC Remote”, from 7illusions - – they also build a Squeezebox remote control for WinPhones, “SqueezeRemote”.

Right now I’m installing on Debian X session a torrent client (Transmission) and at the same time verifying disk space and network configuration thru ssh with another Windows Phone client (the name is “The SSH Client”, it’s free and it works )

Another approach I’m interested into: Squeezeplug - – I have another empty SD Card… eheh

I’ll tell you how it goes… happyPI :-)