Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some good Windows Mobile free software

Recently I downloaded and installed some very good software on m win mobile phone. Just want to make a short list and give you some links, maybe you’re interested.

Iris browser: go here and download this web browser, Iris - http://irisbrowser.com/ – I’m using it and I’m very happy with it. Also Skyfire is very good, but on my device Iris is faster. I really like the three switchable views “desktop / column / mobile”. In Mobile mode gmail is rendered like you are on iPhone. This simply means that some fancy javascript features just work :-)

Pocket Sudoku: http://klargodut.com/sudoku/ this sudoku player / generator / solver is great.

YomoMedia RSS reader: http://www.yomomedia.com/reader.php Yomomedia is a combination between a desktop, web based rss aggregator and a windows mobile client. Both apps can modify settings, add channels, and so on, and the other client will adapt. This hybrid solution (even if I do not like so much the fact that someone has my rss choices on his server) gives a better and faster experience. Free. Very good. http://twitter.com/yomomedia

amAze gps: more than 2 years ago a free gps navigation software caught my attention; then, given the fact that they had no windows mobile versions of their software I almost forgot of it, but some days ago I went back to http://www.amazegps.com/ and discovered that now the WinMo version is available… and it works perfectly, at least on my Asus P552w. A free GPS navigation software, works both with internal and external GPS. http://twitter.com/amAzeGPS

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