Thursday, September 08, 2005

Best payware aircraft? My opinion...

In these years I had the chance to fly a good number of planes, both freeware and payware.
I personally like to fly on medium and long routes, and IMHO the best products available today are:
- PMDG 747 "Queen of the sky" (
- Flight1 ATR-72 (
- PSS Airbus series (

I know that there are come other planes comparable to the ones I listed (Level-d 767, for example, and some other "Airbuses"), but I feel at home with these, and actually I'm using only these.

The last plane I bought is the PMDG 747; I'm following the support forum on a daily basis, and I see that some users report problems and bugs; there is a service pack coming out in a short time, and I'm sure that those bugs will be solved.

My experience with this 747 is really good. I also found some bugs on some flights (LNAV missing its route, with the plane going from left to right in a really funny way - maybe not so fun for the passenger's stomaches), but in general hte plane is astounding. Perfectly flyable, excellent flying dynamics, good support and a "precision" ;-) manual. Great realism.

Conclusion: go buy it, you won't regret.


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