Thursday, September 08, 2005

now that's cool

Are you a Google Earth addicted, like me? and a FS one too? read the following !

Reading a forum (I think it was PMDG's) I saw a mention of an Approach Plates Tutorial. So I went for it on AvSim, and downloaded it.

If you want you can find it searching AvSim ( for "approach plates tutorial".

In this very good document, I found this:

And that's also easy to do for other airport... you need to produce a png image, semi-transparent, north-south oriented, from an app plate ofyour choice (you can find a lot of them free on the web). Then you need exact lat long for the airport, and you have to scale the image... and make a lot of test.

The kml format is well-documented on many sites, but that's really the easy part: if you open with a text editor the sample I cited before you understand everything in a moment.


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